block algebra

block algebra

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  • Block scheduling — is a type of academic scheduling in which each student has fewer classes per day for a longer period of time. This is intended to result in more time for teaching due to less class switching and preparation. It also allows for a student to take… …   Wikipedia

  • Block matrix pseudoinverse — is a formula of pseudoinverse of a partitioned matrix. This is useful for decomposing or approximating many algorithms updating parameters in signal processing, which are based on least squares method. Derivation Consider a column wise… …   Wikipedia

  • Álgebra de Virasoro — El álgebra de Virasoro es una forma de álgebra de Lie compleja, dada como extensión central del campo vectorial de los polinomios complejos sobre la circunferencia unitaria; esta álgebra toma su nombre del físico argentino Miguel Ángel Virasoro.… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Block matrix — In the mathematical discipline of matrix theory, a block matrix or a partitioned matrix is a matrix broken into sections called blocks. Looking at it another way, the matrix is written in terms of smaller matrices.[1] We group the rows and… …   Wikipedia

  • Block LU decomposition — In linear algebra, a Block LU decomposition is a decomposition of a block matrix into a lower block triangular matrix L and an upper block triangular matrix U . This decomposition is used in numerical analysis to reduce the complexity of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Virasoro algebra — In mathematics, the Virasoro algebra (named after the physicist Miguel Angel Virasoro) is a complex Lie algebra, given as a central extension of the complex polynomial vector fields on the circle, and is widely used in string theory.DefinitionThe …   Wikipedia

  • Boolean algebra — This article discusses the subject referred to as Boolean algebra. For the mathematical objects, see Boolean algebra (structure). Boolean algebra, as developed in 1854 by George Boole in his book An Investigation of the Laws of Thought,[1] is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Boolean algebra (introduction) — Boolean algebra, developed in 1854 by George Boole in his book An Investigation of the Laws of Thought , is a variant of ordinary algebra as taught in high school. Boolean algebra differs from ordinary algebra in three ways: in the values that… …   Wikipedia

  • Comparison of computer algebra systems — The following tables provide a comparison of computer algebra systems (CAS). Contents 1 General 1.1 Functionality 1.2 Operating system support 2 Hand held calculator CAS …   Wikipedia

  • Richard Earl Block — is a mathematician at the University of California at Riverside who works on Lie algebras over fields of prime characteristic. He was the first to discover the central extension of the Witt algebra that gives the Virasoro algebra, though his… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag (linear algebra) — In mathematics, particularly in linear algebra, a flag is an increasing sequence of subspaces of a vector space V . Here increasing means each is a proper subspace of the next (see filtration)::{0} = V 0 sub V 1 sub V 2 sub cdots sub V k = V.If… …   Wikipedia


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